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Motherboard Installation

Reliable IT managed services

Business Video Communication

Video conferencing solutions are an incredible way for business meetings, conducting interviews, product launches, distance education, board meetings, sales meetings, freelancers meeting, etc. We provide Collaboration and Unified Conferencing Services, such as virtual meeting rooms, audio video & web conferencing. It comes with incredible features: Audio-recording and Note-making tools, Support for multiple platforms, Questions & Answers features, Seminar based presentations, etc. Our video conferencing solutions offer a smooth, seamlessly and reliable across-the-table interacts experience that:

Features of cloud solutions –

  • improves decision-making

  • Saves on costs of travel

  • Increases your productivity

Document management

With the perfect document management support, any organizations are able to concentrate on mission-critical projects and make relevant improvements in business efficiency. We provide Document Management services for document flows of our clients. This involves the confidentiality, security as well as safe storage of documents associated with the business transactions, including reports, bills, receipts, invoices, etc. As we all know that the document archiving, indexing, imaging, digitization , and management services are very important to ensure that relevant data can be stored securely and retrieved quickly, when needed.

Information sharing system

Information sharing system is very important to ensure that all type of data can be exchanged between different individuals and companies in a safe way. These solutions are similar to Cloud Drives and Drop Box. On these platforms, anyone can upload information which is open to exchange between different people at one time. All this work will be done in private and controlled way.

Knowledge based/ Wiki website

This is a type of technology, which is used to store complex unstructured as well as structured information used by PC. It is a well known fact that every big or small companies engage in several different projects. Sometime, it is very difficult to manage and capture the learning phase from all the projects in the efficient way. Well, you do not need to worry at all. We give extensive solutions to apprehend this knowledge. Here are our main functionalities:

Our comprehensive features:

  • We are able to import training modules from other documents.

  • When capturing project information, we help collaboration between several project entrepreneurs.

  • We also provide checklists and Questionnaire which ensure that information is captured efficiently.

  • Automatic information classification into types.

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