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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are designed to merge multiple phase of a company’s business by exchanging information from several related databases and business process areas. It enables organizations to retrieve as well as expand relevant data throughout the company, offering managers with operating information at the same time. It helps to manage company’s operations and employee interactions efficiently and smoothly


Enterprise Resource Planning

Our ERP solution enables a company to use a system of integrated apps in order to handle the business and automate several back office functions associated with the human resources, services as well as technology. Our Enterprise Resource Planning solutions target the large organizations and small firms.


Enterprise Content Management

Our Enterprise Content Management provides a great option to handle digital as well as paper content from drafting to retaining to modification. We are able to share, store and Capture documents by cloud. Thus, we offer a solution of public or private cloud ways in order to manage all content in an efficient way. Also, we provide testing solution with Enterprise Content Management to employees so that they can check out the modules followed by tests.


Management Information System

Design is considered as an important element in an effective MIS. Our experienced consultants spend relevant time with the entrepreneurs within your company in order to figure out your key performance metrics as well as processes. We hold a complete model of company’s performance. This way, our consultants design elements and provide the reports / dashboard and analytical dashboards.


Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions

There are several companies where back-end operations load is so much and thus it is very essential to make sure that all things are running in perfect way to make smooth front-end operation. Here, we help you for monitoring such kind of phases. Well, we use Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions which enable you to monitor the whole infrastructure as well as production environment very smoothly. We also try to create notifications if any issues found with the infrastructure or data. We are different from other service provider as we know how we can use machine learning so that it can predict a failure.


Solutions for Financial Modeling

Financial modeling plays a vital role in several industries such as risk management, banks, trading desks industries. It is a task of creating a conceptual representation (a model) of financial situation. As we know that the models do all the work, but the modelers require overriding lots of modeling inputs on regular basis. Well, here our role starts. Our solutions assist you make these over-rides work and show how models impact results and other parameters.


Business Video Communications

We provide Collaboration and Unified Conferencing Services, such as virtual meeting rooms, audio video & web conferencing. It comes with incredible features: Audio-recording and Note-making tools, Support for multiple platforms, Questions & Answers features, Seminar based presentations, etc.

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